Fan Guards: They Protect More Than Just the Fan

Obviously, the main goal of a fan guard is to protect the fan that it rests in front of, but did you know these guards have an even bigger job at stake? Fan guards, such as the 80mm variety, also protect you and the people working with and around them.

Think of the dangerous equipment that fans are often attached to and their massive sizes. Without the appropriate guard, all sorts of tragedies can occur. Workers can accidentally fall and land right into the blades of one of these fans. However, when a guard is present, a fall into a fan can mean the saving of a life and limbs.

Smaller fans require 80mm guards or another size that fits them properly as well. When electronic experts are working with a fan, they must protect their fingers, especially when the fan blades are moving. In fact, you as the owner of the electronic need to protect your fingers also because you may have to access the fan from time to time.

When a person is distracted, they may not know that they are inserting their fingers into an area where a fan is moving. This is the reason behind industrial, commercial, and even residential equipment are protected by fan guards. You and professionals within the industry will also be able to perform your duties more efficiently because you won’t have the anxiety associated with working by an open fan.

There are many different fan grills available on the market today for a variety of different equipment. The most common materials that fan grills are made from tend to be metal or plastic. Some fan grills are made from durable wire and coated with chrome, stainless steel, or black electro finishing. These types of materials can be easily molded and shaped to fit the fan properly and allow adequate airflow.

It is seriously imperative that the right fan grill is installed over the fan as having the wrong guard in place might decrease or restrict the flow of air and cause issues for the device that requires temperature control. Just like the 80mm fan grill, there are many other sizes available to protect all different sizes and shapes of fans.

Some fan grills also house the filter of the fan and needs to be considered when determining the right size. Filters can be bulky and increase the girth of the guard. Check with a fan grill specialists about the right type of guard and filter that you need. Sometimes it’s best to get the opinion of a professional in order to avoid a mishap.

As a company owner, choosing to skip buying a fan grill in order to save money will end up costing you in the long run. If ever an employee is injured or killed by an industrial fan and you as the employer did not secure the device with the proper safety mechanisms, you will have to pay all expenses associated with the accident. These costs far outweigh the cost of a fan grill.

Safety in the workplace and the home front should always be top priority in term of working with and maintaining any type of fan. There are great dealers available via the internet who provide outstanding products for affordable prices. It is definitely worth the investment to not only protect your fan but your fingers too.

Something like the 80mm fan guard might not be an appropriate fit for your fan but there is a product out there that is. Browse online shops, reach out to company dealers for their input, and invest in a fan guard that provides you and those working around the fan with the utmost security.